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50th Anniversary of our Derby facilities

June 2, 2021

As is the case in many fast moving industries, we spend our time improving our operations and developing our technologies, focussing on our goal to achieve excellence in our performance in support of customers. It then comes, as a pleasant surprise, to reflect upon our operational history and realise that this June is the 50th anniversary of the CWST Derby Business Unit.

In 1970 Metal Improvement Company (CWST) reached an agreement to provide a shot peening service to a local Aerospace OEM with their first venture in the UK. The original suite of machines were installed and work commenced in early 1971 as a shop in shop operation. With local industries learning of the great advantages of shot peening in overcoming fatigue failures it was not long until in the demand on our services required us to build a purpose designed plant on Ascot Drive in Derby 1984.

Since that time we have continually strived to push the technology of shot peening forward, working with our customers to define new and testing specifications based around 4 generations of computer controlled robotic machines each adding more finite control supplemented by unique and bespoke delivery tools and methods.

In addition to our shot peening abilities we bring the same technological approaches to customers Thermal spray challenges, introducing both HVOF and Plasma spray capabilities into the facility.

Thermal Spray Coating | CWST

It has been the dedication and professionalism of our employees that has driven us along this path for the last 50 years, so it’s a very Happy 50th Birthday to CWST in Derby and an even bigger thankyou to all customers and employees, past and present, who have helped us on our journey.

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