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IMR Test Labs – Mechanical Testing & Material Analysis Services

IMR Inspection

IMR Test Labs offer the latest in mechanical and metallurgical testing services including fatigue testing, material analysis services, thermal spray coating analysis, metallurgical and failure analysis.  IMR operate to the very highest quality standards and their independent material analysis services are utilised by a diverse range of markets including oil and gas, aerospace, power generation and medical among others.

IMR Test Labs offer exceptional customer service that is supported by state of the art technology and methodology with material analysis reports delivered quickly and in an understandable and usable format.

Please visit the IMR website to find out more about IMR’s material testing services or alternatively contact us to discuss your metal testing requirements in more detail.

IMR material and analysis services

IMR’s comprehensive range of mechanical, chemical and metallurgical testing services ensure design and manufacturing integrity for our customers.  These material testing services range from the verification of raw materials through to in depth failure analysis and include:

  • Metallurgical and material failure analysis
  • Chemical analysis
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Accelerated weathering and corrosion testing
  • Failure analysis
  • Weld testing
  • Material testing
  • Coating evaluations including thermal spray
  • Non metallic testing

IMR Lab’s expertise and use of the highest levels of technology can assist their material analysis;  identifying and solving material performance issues including coatings, surface treatments, field failures and improper wear.