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Peenflex Protective Coating, Moulding and Masking


Our protective mouldings and maskings are damage and abrasion resistant – a simple but cost effective solution which will protect sensitive areas of metal components through the various stages of processing, lifting, moving, storage and despatch.

Developed to protect critical components during our own processing we have now extended this service and produce protective mouldings and coatings directly for our customers.

Using our knowledge and experience, we are able to assess component requirements to produce protective mouldings and maskings to meet customers’ specific needs and reduce unnecessary costs resulting from damage, delays and rework.

All our protective mouldings and maskings are rigorously tested to ensure a high quality of wear resistance enabling them to be recycled many times through the handling stages, and presenting a cost effective solution to damage prevention.

Typical applications of protective mouldings

  • Masking of sensitive parts during peening, blasting and coating processes
  • Creating wear-resistant inserts to reduce the cost of tooling replacement
  • Casting onto lifting equipment to prevent common damage
  • Close protection of sensitive inspection equipment, tooling, gauges, expensive cutting tools and masters
  • Repairs to existing mouldings
  • Replacements for high value components made from similar materials
  • Bonding to wheels, rollers and plates