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Shot Peening Specifications


Customers usually require the shot peening process to be carried out in accordance with industry specifications, ensuring that the process is quality controlled, repeatable and that strict criteria has been met.

Some larger companies have designed their own company specifications that cater for their specific requirements but for smaller operators their engineers usually specify the industry standard specifications on drawings or callouts.

Most shot peening standards and specifications are administered by a specialist body called the SAE (formerly known as the Society of Automotive Engineers) and two of the SAE categories that apply to shot peening standards are those prefixed by AMS (Aerospace Material Specification) and J which relate to ground vehicles and general applications (they can also be used for aerospace). In addition to SAE you will also find military specifications are commonly used alongside those written by shot peening specialists such as Metal Improvement Company and those are prefixed by MIL and MIC respectively.

Metal Improvement Company currently operates in excess of 70 divisions Worldwide capable of meeting most of the industry standard specifications listed below. We also undertake shot peening services for a large number of OEM’s and Tier 1 and 2 suppliers and therefore meet many of the customer specific specifications, for more information and to discuss your company’s requirements in more detail please contact us.

  • AMS 1- 2430 (SAE)
  • AMS 2431 (SAE-Shot Media General Requirements)
  • AMS 2431/1 (SAE-Cast Steel Shot, Regular Hardness)
  • AMS 2431/2 (SAE-Cast Steel Shot, High Hardness)
  • AMS 2431/3 (SAE-Conditioned Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shot, Regular Hardness)
  • AMS 2431/4 (SAE-Conditioned Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot)
  • AMS 2431/5 (SAE-APB Case Hardened Steel Peening Balls)
  • AMS 2431/6 (SAE-APB Glass Shot)
  • AMS 2431/7 (SAE-AZB Ceramic Shot)
  • AMS 2431/8 (SAE-Conditioned Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shot, High Hardness)
  • AMS 2432 (Computer Monitored Shot Peening)
  • AMS-S-13165 (SAE-Shot Peening of Metal Parts)
  • AMS-P-81985-2001 (SAE)
  • SAE J2277 (SAE-Shot Peening Coverage Determination)
  • SAE J2597 (SAE-Computer Controlled Shot Peening Saturation Curves)
  • SAE J441
  • SAE J442 (SAE-Test Strip, Holder and Gage for Shot Peening)
  • SAE J443 (SAE-Procedures for using Standard Shot Peening Almen Strip)
  • SAE J444
  • SAE J2441
  • MIL PRF-9954
  • (MIL-G-9954A replaced by MIL PRF-9954B)
  • MIL-P-81985
  • MIL-S-13165 A, B, C
  • MIL-STD-852
  • MIC CSP001
  • MIC CSP002