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Curtiss Wright Announces Appointment of David C Adams as President and CEO

August 1, 2013

Curtiss-Wright Corporation announced in a press release on the 1st August 2013 that Martin R Benante who is the current Chairman and CEO will retire in April 2015.  To ensure a smooth transition during this period and effective immediately, David C Adams has been promoted to President and CEO and will serve as a member of the Board and following Mr Benante’s eventual retirement will then assume the dual role of Chairman and CEO.

Mr Benante has worked for Curtiss-Wright for nearly four decades and has served as Chairman and CEO since April 2000.  During this period annual sales have grown from US$293 million to US$2.5 billion (based on current fiscal year 2013 guidance) and he has significantly expanded the Company’s product portfolio into new areas.  Prior to his appointment in 2000 he held a variety of posts including President of the Flow Control business segment, Vice President of the Company and then President and Chief Operating Officer of Curtiss-Wright Corporation.

David C Adams, was President and Chief Operating Officer of Curtiss-Wright Corporation before this latest announcement and joined the company in 2000.  During his tenure with Curtiss-Wright Corporation Mr Adams has had a number of positions but more recently he has had responsibility for Flow Control and served as President of two operating business segments, namely Controls and Surface Technologies.

For more information relating to this announcement please either visit www.curtisswright.com or alternatively contact us for more details.

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