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Curtiss-Wright Announces Surface Technologies Segment

February 19, 2013

Metal Improvement Company previously operated under the Metal Treatment business segment of Curtiss-Wright Corporation.  However, on February 19th 2013 Curtiss Wright announced in a press release that the Metal Treatment segment would be renamed Surface Technologies.

Curtiss Wright Surface Technologies (CWST) business segment continues to incorporate all of the same companies that were included under the Metal Treatment segment such as Metal Improvement Company, E/M Coating Services, Everlube® Products, Parylene Coating Services, IMR Test Labs, and FW Gartner Thermal Spraying.

This newly renamed segment enables CWST to offer a diverse range of highly engineered services including controlled shot peening, laser peening, protective coatings and analytical services and continues to protect critical components in a variety of markets such as aerospace, oil and gas, medical, automotive, transportation and power generation among many others.

Leading companies utilise CWST’s cutting-edge techniques within their products and processes to improve performance and operating life, examples of which are as follows:

  • Laser peening used on rotating airfoils of the latest generation flight and industrial turbines
  • Thermal spray coatings applied to gas turbines to provide thermal barrier protection, abrasion and erosion resistance, and high temperature oxidation/corrosion resistance in high stress areas operating at more than 2000oF;
  • Analytical testing of composite structures that provide guidance for material and design changes during the component prototyping phase;
  • Laser cladding used to rebuild and protect exotic metal alloy components operating in extremely erosive and corrosive downhole environments in the oil and gas industry; and
  • Solid film lubricants that provide lubricity to key components of the thrust vectoring assembly of the F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter aircraft.
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