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    Vacuum Furnace added to Alfreton division

    July 2, 2020


    Curtiss -Wright Surface technologies are pleased to announce the addition of in-house Vacuum Brazing, Sintering and Heat treatment within our Component Coating and Repair facility based in Alfreton Derbyshire UK.


    The new Vacuum Furnace has a working area of 600mm x 450mmx 900mm and is fitted with a sealed cooling system meeting the latest environmental legislation.

    The vacuum brazing process uses a filler alloy which is pre-placed on the component in a location that as the furnace temperature is raised and the filler metal alloy melts, it flows into the assembly capillary joints and affects a strong bond.


    The Vacuum Furnace also brings Sintering and Heat Treatment capabilities to Curtiss-Wright Surface technologies for components such as:

    • Stators
    • Nozzles
    • Honey Comb Seals
    • Rings
    • Blades


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