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    The majority of gas turbines require a coating system to protect the components from heat, corrosion or erosion. Component Coating and Repair Services (‘CCRS’) specialise in the development and application of organic and inorganic overlay and diffusion coatings (IP1041), dry film lubricants, barrier coatings and aluminium sacrificial coatings (IP9183). IPCOTE and IPSEAL corrosion protection, erosion protection. Following are the coatings we provide:

    • Anti-fouling
    • Dry film lubricants
    • IPAL diffusion coating for ‘hot end’ sulphidation protection
    • Smooth-Seal Sacrificial Coating System
    • Indestructible paint and coating systems (approved equivalent of SermeTel® coatings)
    • Repair and refurbishment coatings for compressor blades and vanes, combustion/flame tubes, replacement honeycomb seals and re-coating of turbine blades, vanes and nozzle guide vanes (NGVs).
    • Teflon Coatings
    • Rockhard Stoving Enamels and Lacquers
    • Phosphating
    • Barrier coatings
    • Aluminium sacrificial coatings

    Key characteristics for these coatings are :-

    • Protect against corrosion and particle erosion
    • Temperature resistant
    • No embrittlement of high strength steel
    • Sacrificial to ferrous alloys
    • Resistant to aerospace oil, fuel and hydraulic fluid
    • Suitable for application to both external and internal surfaces – smooth, low profile film
    • Easily repairable without dismantling or oven curing the component
    • Environmentally friendly – REACh compliant, water based and solvent free
    • Durable and damage resistant

    CCRS has the capability to process a wide range, size and complexity of components, from small compressor blades to the latest in landing gear components.

    Onsite coating services

    Bespoke onsite coating application services are also available on request.




    IPCOTE, IPSEAL and Smooth-Seal sacrificial base and seal coating systems Corrosion, erosion protection and thermal protection in high temperatures, anti-fouling and dry film lubrication Aero-engine components and gas and steam turbine components
    IPAL diffusion coating – equivalent to the SermeTel® range of coatings ‘Hot end’ sulphidation protection Rolls-Royce Avon, Olympus Dart, Trent, RB211, Siemens and Solar gas turbines.
    Repair and refurbishment coatings Compressor blades and vanes, combustion/flame tubes, replacement honeycomb seals and re-coating of turbine blades, vanes and nozzle guide vanes (NGVs).
    Teflon Coatings, Rockhard Stoving Enamels and Lacquers Protection from erosion, corrosion and chemical resistance, particularly for components operating in high temperatures
    Indestructible paint and coating systems – approved equivalent of SermeTel® coatings Heat resistant, corrosion and oxidation protection Sacrificial aluminium coating for turbine blades, rotors, shafts and landing gear

    Coatings and/or treatments for a typical turbine engine


    Intake (cold) section

    Compression (cold) section

    Combustion (hot) section

    Exhaust (hot)



    Discs/Blades/Vanes/Rings & Seals instead

    Nose cones

    Multiflare combustion chambers
    Nozzle Guide Vanes
    Pump body
    Flame Tubes

    Exhaust annulus
    Rear cones
    Disc,power turbine
    Discharge Nozzles
    Rear and front heat shield
    Turbine Discs/Blades/Vanes & Seals

    Rings and seals
    Bearing Housing, Support, Diaphragm unit, Seal
    Clamp and tie bolts
    Radial support channel
    Stage 1 quadrants
    H.P sealing air transfer tube
    Transition section