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Parylene Coating for Aerospace and Defence


Curtiss-Wright Corporation has a renowned legacy in the aerospace industry. In 1929, Curtiss-Wright was formed by the merger of the companies founded by Glenn Curtiss, the father of naval aviation, and the Wright brothers, renowned for history’s first flight. These technological pioneers ushered in the era of aviation and their trailblazing spirit made history.

Building on this tradition of excellence and providing highly engineered solutions our Curtiss-Wright Parylene Coatings Services bring high reliability to critical components operating in the harshest of environments.


Outstanding chemical, moisture and electrical barrier protection

Parylene coatings ruggedize critical electronics, devices and subassemblies. Having an extremely high dielectric strength, this ultra-thin coating also protects components from attack of chemicals such as organic solvents, inorganic reagents, acids, gases and moisture.

Parylenes’ hydrophobic properties are regularly applied to enhance elastomers, removing tackiness of silicone and rubber components and reducing friction in plastic and metal subassemblies.


CW Parylene coatings are protecting:

  • Avionic systems used on aircraft, satellite and spacecraft
  • Ground defence vehicles
  • Marine surface and subsea applications.
  • Sensors and MEMS
  • Elastomeric components – O-rings, gaskets and seals
  • Power supplies
  • Raceways
  • Electrical housing
  • Fasteners
  • LEDs
  • And many more