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Parylene Coating for Elastomer Components


Parylene coatings resolve tackiness issues for elastomer parts without adding weight or materially affecting the substrate’s elasticity.

We regularly coat as little as 1500 angstroms.

Parylene conformal coatings seal micro porosity and encapsulate the most complex typographies, providing protection against potential leachable ingredients in the elastomer product.

The final product benefits from a bio compatible, non-toxic and chemically inert protective barrier.

Providing outstanding environmental protection, CW Parylene protects against moisture, corrosive bodily fluids, chemicals, gases, temperature and fungus, far surpassing the protective properties of most other conformal coatings.

CW Parylene coating services continue to provide solutions for dry film lubricity and protection to elastomer parts in Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Medical and Military applications.


Examples of applications include:

  • Keypads
  • Gaskets
  • Rings
  • Stoppers and syringe plunger tips
  • Catheters
  • 3D Printed models
  • Silicon and Rubber Tubing

For further information on Parylene coatings properties and elastomer applications download our brochure.

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