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Frequently Asked Questions About Parylene Conformal Coating


What is Parylene?

Parylene is the generic name for a polymer series based on Poly-para-xylylene. Applied by vapour deposition process at room temperature this unique polymer creates an ultra-thin film highly lubricious and protective conformal coating.
Parylene coatings conform to MIL-I-46058 Type XY, IPC-CC-830B and USP Class VI, and ISO 10993 approved for use as a medical biocompatible and implantable material.

What does parylene coating do?

Is the parylene coating conformal?

What are the benefits of Parylene coatings?

Are there different types of Parylene?

What is the typical coating thickness?

Does CW dimer for Parylene coatings differ from other dimer available on the market?

Is parylene coating safe for the environment?

Can electronics be coated with parylene?

Can parylene be used for coating medical devices?