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Parylene Medical Coatings


CW Parylene coatings have been protecting and lubricating medical device, medical diagnostics and electronics for over 25 years.

Through our internal and external centres of excellence we are continually developing applications, adhesion promotion and production methods for challenging substrates.

Our aim is to support R&D Engineers in their development of future life saving devices and so we welcome new development and evaluation projects.

We provide a collaborative low cost and fast turnaround service.

Highly lubricious dry film conformal coating

Being particulate free and bio compatible, CW Parylene is a superior dry film medical coating.

Examples where CW Parylene’s hydrophobic properties are regularly applied include:

  • Mandrels / Wires – catheter lumen, balloon welding, forming and tipping.
  • Guide wires – braided and straight.
  • Medical Elastomers – removing tackiness of silicone and rubber components.
  • Plastic and metal subassemblies in surgical tools and moving parts.


Outstanding chemical, moisture and electrical barrier protection

Originally applied to protect military electronics in harsh environments, Parylene’s properties provide the same high reliability protection in life saving medical applications.


Examples where Parylene is protecting devices and patients include:

  • Surgical entry devices – trocars, speculums
  • Pacemakers – leads and PCB’s
  • Electrosurgical tools
  • Cochlear and ocular devices
  • Medical Elastomers – o’rings, gaskets and seals
  • Needles and probes
  • Medical electronics and diagnostics


Bio compatible and Bio stable

CW Parylene coatings are tested to the relevant ISO10993 and USP Class VI tests.

Our US FDA MAF#1176 is available to support client company 510k submissions.

Our coating sites are ISO13485 and ISO 9001 certified.

White room and Cleanroom (ISO7) coating facilities.